Who are the best money lenders in Ireland?

If you are wondering who is the best money lenders Ireland, then we believe we have found the answer. Of all the financial institutions in Ireland, none offer the brilliant rates and all round personal touches you will enjoy if you take out a Credit Union loan. In this blog we'll be taking a look at what they are offering.

Thanks to the small size of your local credit union, they will be able to tailor financial products specifically towards your needs to a much greater degree than a bank could. Taking out a loan with your local Credit Union couldn't be easier too - all you need to do is open an account and conduct a little business with them.

Their loans provide some unrivalled perks to customers. The loans are insured at no direct cost to the eligible member, there are absolutely no hidden fees or transaction charges, the interest rates will always be reasonable, repayments will be tailored towards your particular circumstances, you can repay the loan earlier with no penalty, additional lump sum payments are accepted with no penalty, and there is the flexibility to make larger repayments than agreed with no penalty.

Due to the local nature of Credit Unions, the only way to get one of their loans is to pop into your local branch and speak to one of their loan experts, who can give you an answer on how much you can borrow, and the rate of interest you will be charged. Check them out today for a great deal on a personal loan!

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