How to make money online

With the economy in the state that it is and few employers willing to take on new staff at the moment, making extra money can be very challenging. And we could all use a little extra cash right now!

However, there are some genuinely good ways to make money online. None of them will make you rich quickly, but with a little research and hard work, they could really pay off and help ease financial strain.

  1. Make the most of your savings with online banking. If you're not planning to use your savings within the next two years, consider buying a bond online. The interest can be paid monthly to your current account - and at present rates, could equal about £25 per month on balances of around £5,000.
  2. Consider online trading. There are a number of options available to novices, including foreign exchange trading and stocks and shares trading. However, we urge you to be extremely cautious - know what you're doing before you invest. Avoid short selling - this is best left to the (slightly unscrupulous) professionals. Do your research, and perhaps consult a financial advisor before you begin.
  3. Apply for online jobs. The most popular type of vacancies include online writing, online graphic design, virtual helpdesk assistants and data entry officers. Pay tends to be quite low, but hours are generally very flexible and some let you work as much or as little as you like.
  4. Sell your unwanted goods on eBay or another online auction sites. This is an obvious one, but few people really make full use of the potential that eBay has to offer. Take full advantage of special offers and free listing weekends, when you can advertise all your goods for free.
  5. Start your own website. If you can generate enough traffic, you could receive some good profits through advertising.

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