Get the best deals with the money saving expert travel money maximiser

With more and more websites offering foreign currency exchange it can be difficult finding the best deal for your holiday euros or dollars. The money saving expert travel money maximiser service trawls through the websites to find the best deals and exchange rates, which can change on a daily basis.

Best rates at the click of a mouse

Getting holiday money used to be a case of a trip to the Post Office or bank, or, for the less-organised, a last-minute exchange at the airport. These days the best rates are found online, but, with the proliferation of websites offering foreign currency, it is easy get confused about finding the best deals.

The money saving expert travel money maximiser on the financial website is a handy service that will trawl through the sites and find the best deals. Simply key in the amount of currency you require and the free service will find the best deals from the major holiday money providers. The cash can then be collected, delivered or even picked up at the airport.

The results are presented in a clear and easy-to-read fashion, showing exchange rates, extra charges and the exact total cost of your transaction. The details column will also highlight any drawbacks or advantages associated with a particular supplier.

The site does emphasise the fact that in many cases, the most economical way to carry your holiday money is in the form of a credit card. Some credit cards, notably those supplied by Halifax, Capital One and Saga, can offer zero ATM withdrawal fees, the optimum exchange rates and even cashback in some cases.

Follow the markets

The money saving expert travel money maximiser is the ideal tool for those who like to plan their holidays well in advance, allowing plenty of time for currency deliveries. It can pay to be aware of the general drift of fluctuating exchange rates though. If you are buying a lot of currency, even a slight devaluation of the Euro or pound can make a noticeable difference.

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