Money Saving Tips

Most people understand the most expensive way to buy anything is on credit. While credit cards may be handy to have in an emergency,they become a financial drain if you cannot pay off the full amount owed each month. Because of the economy, there are fewer lenders offering credit card deals and special offers. A money saving tip to remember, if you really do want a credit card, is to use a comparison service such as USwitch.Com. They will look over all the credit cards available, and weed out the ones with the best deals and lowest interest. The best way to really save money when it comes to credit cards is to cut them up.

House insurance is an important insurance, yet according to The Britannia Insurance Company, almost 51% of people do not have house insurance of any kind. This means that if they suffered a home burglary or robbery, they would have to replace all their items with their own money. Therefore, another great money saving tip is to buy home insurance, you can get premiums starting at as little as £6 a month.

Many people, particularly older people, are completely unaware they may be entitled to benefits or grants from the government. For example, once a person reaches pension age they no longer have to pay prescription charges -- regardless of their income. Going to your local JobCentre Plus for a benefit checkup is definitely a great money saving idea.There they will take all your details such as age, employment and any disabilities you may have, they will then check if you entitled to any benefits.

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