Money talks

If you earn more than £150,000 a year you can come to the UK to work and not be counted as part of the immigration quota, the Government has announced.

But other skilled workers who don’t earn big bucks will have to jump through hoops to satisfy strict criteria.

It is part of the Government's drive to cut migration from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands over the next four years.

In April, the top 4,200 ranked people will be allowed to live and work in the UK, but from May onwards only this figure will fall to 1,500.

Dr Adam Marshal of the British Chamber of Commerce told Sky News: ‘The new rules show that after a period of great uncertainty, the Government is listening harder to business concerns.

‘The changes to the 'Tier 2' arrangements mean that companies will have a better chance of getting much-needed international talent, and growing their business.

‘However, we will continue to monitor whether the latest immigration rules hamper businesses seeking to recruit the skilled personnel they need.

‘If problems do surface, the Government must remain flexible, and make changes once again.’

However, there will be flexibility in the new system for multi-national organisations to move staff between countries.

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