Using Moneysupermarket to find credit cards to suit your needs

Moneysupermarket is a comparison website, made popular through its reputation for hunting down the best deals for anything from car insurance to mortgage loans. Moneysupermarket compares credit cards too, from a variety of banks and other financial institutions. All you need to do is fill in a simple query form and it provides you with the credit cards it believes best suit your needs.

Moneysupermarket is a free service and you do not have to sign up to anything to take advantage of its searches. The site will do an in-depth search of all available UK credit cards, before narrowing down the search to the ones that not only suit you best but which offer the best deals. It is therefore advised before you complete the online form; you are certain what you want to use your credit card for in the future.

Moneysupermarket searches credit cards that offer low interest rates, are designed for balance transfers, earn shopping incentive points and even cards that are more geared towards people who have a less than healthy credit history. For example, Moneysupermarket rates the Barclaycard Platinum credit card one of the best available for those who want a balance transfer card. Not only does it offer 0% APR for the first 20-months, it offers a competitive 17.5% APR thereafter.

Moneysupermarket recommends credit cards such as the Marks and Spencer card for making purchases. This card rewards the cardholder with bonus points every time they use it to shop. These points can then be used to purchase anything from clothing to travel insurance. The Capital One Classic card is recommended by Moneysupermarket as the best card for those who have a poor credit history. Known as a credit builder, this card has an easy to manage credit limit to ensure you do not overstretch yourself financially.

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