Finding the best moped insurance in Ireland

With the cost of running a car these days in Ireland increasing all the time thanks to rising fuel prices, many people who only need transport around relatively short distances are looking more and more towards mopeds. They may not be the most glamorous forms of transport in the world, but they are cheap and cost less to maintain on a weekly basis than their fuel guzzling four wheeled counterparts.

Second hand mopeds can be picked up right now for knock down prices, which makes them an attractive option to young people seeking the independence of their own mode of transport. However, finding one at the right price and buying it is the easy part, once you own it finding someone to insure you for a reasonable price can be extremely difficult.

As there are very few companies offering moped insurance in Ireland it's not possible to play different quotes off against each other in order to bring the cost down. This means that you're going to have to play ball with what is on offer, with very little wiggle room.

There are a few ways to shave a few Euro off your cost, but you'll have to decide if they're worth the hassle yourself. As is the case with car insurance Quinn Direct are the best option available to less experienced drivers.

They offer a driver skills assessment course to anyone interested in taking out insurance with them. Although it isn't compulsory by any means, it will greatly decrease your insurance premium should you prove yourself to be a skilled driver. Their website at www.quinn-direct.com has a list of motorcycle instructors who are registered to offer the course, so you're likely to be able to find one nearby.

Once you've completed the course, you can also help reduce your premium by taking certain steps to ensure the safety of your moped. These can include the fitting of an alarm or immobiliser system, or buying a high quality lock from your local auto store.

As with all insurance schemes though, experience is the key, and as long as you can prove yourself a reliable rider and build up your no claims bonus, you'll quickly notice a reduction in the annual cost of keeping yourself on the road.

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