Best prices for morden car insurance

There are certainly plenty of guides on the internet for those who are seeking niche insurance, such as coverage for classic or vintage cars, or young or inexperienced drivers, but there seems to be a relative lack of information available for those just looking for regular, morden car insurance with no frills or special dispensations. We hope to address that today.

The price you pay for your car insurance usually depends on how big a risk the insurance company considers you to be. Generally, those who pay the lowest premiums are fully licensed drivers between the ages of 25 and 60, who have had no (or few) past claims, no driving convictions and no penalty points. If you fall into that category you're in luck, you won't be paying through the teeth for your coverage, but it's still possible to shave a few quid off here and there.

Another big factor is the type of insurance you want. Third party insurance only covers any claims from the other driver in the event of an accident, you will not be covered for damage caused to your vehicle should you be proven to be at fault. Third party, fire and theft covers you for the same as above, except you'll be covered for partial or complete first damage, as well as theft.

Finally comes fully comprehensive, which covers you for all of the above, plus any damages to your own vehicle. Many companies will offer additional services with their fully comprehensive policies, including free roadside assistance, or helplines should you need advice.

If you don't drive all that much, you might be able to get a reduced mileage discount from your insurance company. Explain to them how many miles you would drive annually, and see if they will offer you a deal based on you not exceeding those figures. Similar deals are offered by some to drivers who will drive only during daylight hours, so this is something else you might consider asking about.

Last of all, the make and model of your car plays a huge part in your insurance. The more powerful, or desirable, your car the more likely you are going to have to pay a high insurance premium. While this cannot be avoided, making sure that your car has adequate security (alarm, immobiliser etc.) and is stored in a garage at your home address will always help to knock some money off your premiums.

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