Find an online mortgage adviser in the UK

If you are shopping around for a new mortgage, about to remortgage, or just want a little expert advice, it might be time to check out a website offering a mortgage adviser for UK mortgages.

Styling itself as the home of professional advice, www.unbiased.co.uk can help you find a mortgage broker without a vested interest. As their site explains, brokers who work independently of lenders like banks and building societies can show you offers and rates from all potential mortgage loan providers rather than just a select few. The site offers access to mortgage advisers across the UK, with a search tool to find a broker in your area.

John Charcol (www.charcol.co.uk) claims to be the UK's leading independent mortgage adviser. Formed in 1974,  they have developed contacts throughout the mortgage industry, and have the experience to find the mortgage to suit your needs. Sometimes this means sidestepping the obvious high street lenders and looking for a more bespoke solution.

Mortgages Online (www.mortgages-online.co.uk) was the first UK broker to offer advice exclusively over the Internet. They offer a free, no-obligation advice service, arranging every aspect of a mortgage, from the initial search through to the application process, along with additional services like arranging legal fees and valuations.

JP Financial (www.mortgage-adviser-uk.co.uk) are independent online mortgage advisers who are not tied to any high street bank, building society or finance house. They can provide a mortgage adviser with a UK wide contact list, able to access a wide range of mortgage quotes, help and advice.



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