The different Mortgage Lenders out there

Wondering who the best Mortgage Lender in the United Kingdom is? We've rounded them all up with some handy facts to help make your choice a little easier!

Halifax - This well renowned company offers a vast range of mortgage products from repayment to interest only. Buy to let mortgages are avilable through Birmingham Midshires, and they operate an online arm at Halifax.co.uk.

Abbey National - Owned by Spanish bank Santander, Abbey has done well from the credit crunch, increasing their market share from 8% in 2004 to 28% in 2011. Their mortgage products are flexible and wide-ranging.

Nationwide - The UK's second largest mortgage lender, they have a market share of around 20%, and have been a dependable name in finance for generations.

Northern Rock - Rebounding from some massive cash flow issues, the Rock is beginning to bounce back and emerge from the gloom. A safe pair of hands.

Woolwich - Owned by Barclays, Woolwich focuses solely on mortgages, allowing Barclays to focus on banking and loans. Such specialisation means better service for customers.

Bradford and Bingley - Specialists in "buy to let" mortgages, but were hit hard by the credit crunch. Mortgage book has now been nationalised.

Lloyds TSB - One of the biggest names in the city, they offer a wide variety of quality financial products. Another brilliant bet for your mortgage.

Yorkshire Building Society - Voted Mortgage Magazine's "lender of the year" in 2006, this excellent institution specialises in mortgages.

Hopefully this run-down of the United Kingdom's mortgage lenders will help make decisions regarding your financial future a little easier!

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