Keep up to date with the latest mortgage news

With the FTSE riding a rollercoaster and everybody disagreeing about the best economic policies, it's important to know how the latest bad news might affect your mortgage payments. Several magazines and websites offer useful mortgage news to keep you informed about any imminent changes to interest rates.

Your Mortgage magazine (www.yourmortgage.co.uk) offers detailed features and analysis of the ever-shifting mortgage market. It will keep you up to date with all the latest developments in the field, monitoring the best deals for mortgages, and providing tips on finding an exact fit for your mortgage needs. It's the ideal starting point if you are in the market for a new mortgage.

The BBC (www.bbc.co.uk) is an excellent source for hard economic news. It has immediate updates on any financial issue that may affect interest rates. For analysis of how this will have an effect on your mortgage payments, the Your Money section of the website offers informed insights and advice, along with video material on how to buy a house, apply for a mortgage and similar topics.

The Mortgage Rates website at www.mortgagerates.org.uk offers a useful digest of articles about mortgage rates, along with all the offers and initiatives from UK lenders, including banks, building societies and mortgage brokers. Taking in material from numerous sources, it's a great one-stop site for instant information.

Mortgage News (www.mortgagenews.org.uk) is an informative site devoted to news stories, features, profiles and analysis of the UK mortgage market. The site is updated daily to keep the mortgage news fresh.




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