Mortgage Repayment Calculator and Comparison Sites

You can use a mortgage repayment calculator to find out how much you'll pay each month for a mortgage, or how much you can afford to take out when considering your income left over after all monthly outgoings. Some calculators also come with a comparison site or comparison service to help you with the next step in finding the perfect mortgage; we've complied a short list here for you, with some independent mortgage calculators and some comparison websites.

BBC Mortgage Calculator (http://www.bbc.co.uk/homes/property/mortgagecalculator.shtml)

A quick and easy mortgage calculator to use with a quick explanation at the bottom of the page. You'll need to have JavaScript installed to enable the calculator.

Mortgage Calculate Site (http://www.mortgagecalculator.org.uk/)

As well as providing a breakdown of mortgages and how to use the mortgage calculator, the site also provides a comparison service after you've calculated your mortgage. Depending on the information you input the free comparison service will match your requirements to different lenders.

The Money Advice Service (http://yourmoney.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/tools/mortgage_calculator.html)

This mortgage calculator is great for rates that increase over time. You can find out how much your monthly repayments are from the term of the mortgage and the interest rate set by the provider then adjust the overall repayments should the rate increase; you can also save results for later to make your own mortgage comparison.

John Charcol (http://www.charcol.co.uk/mortgagecalculator/)

John Charcol offers a set of mortgage calculators, from standard calculators to "what mortgage" calculators, flexible mortgage calculators or borrow amount calculators. You can also request a calculator from the site if you can't find what you need to help you with your mortgage calculations.

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