Mortgage Repayments Calculator for UK Customers

Whatever mortgage provider you use, a mortgage repayments calculator based on UK rates can help you calculate monthly repayments based on interest stated by the provider. You'll probably be able to find a mortgage repayments calculator for the provider you use anyway, but there are a few independent calculators you can use if you can't find one:


Guardian Mortgage Repayments Calculator


Work out monthly repayments or interest-only charges.


BBC Home Calculator


Straight repayment calculations, repayment with interests and a quick guide to adding linked interest to repayments.


Moneyfacts Mortgage Repayments Calculator


Calculate daily, quarterly, monthly and annual interest charges to find an average monthly repayment rate.


The Salary Calculator


The Salary Calculator has a range of calculators available, including this simple mortgage repayment calculator to provide an average monthly repayment cost.


This is Money


A useful site to calculate a range of finances. Calculators also include interest and inflation rates, true mortgage value calculators, mortgage affordability, endowment shortfall calculators, home equity and interest rise/fall rate prediction calculators.


eMortgage Calculator


Calculate repayments per month, interest, amount of interest over term and total amount to repay (including interest). The site also offers a free service to compare mortgage values and find the best provider for your circumstances.


Free Simple Advice Loan Calculator


Another simple mortgage repayments calculator for UK customers with additional options to request free advice from mortgage specialists.

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