Looking for a mortgage on money supermarket?

Although there is no specific website to compare all the mortgage types and deals online (unfortunately, there is moneysupermarket.com. This website has an area dedicated to mortgages, showing you the best deals out there under certain headings, so whether you understand all the lingo or not moneysupermarket.com/mortgage should be your one and only stop to secure the best mortgage - whatever the mortgage type you need.

The first deal of the day is for those looking for a fixed rate mortgage - i.e a mortgage that has the same interest rate for a certain length of time, generally two to five years, despite what the changes in the marketplace. Chelsea BS have the lowest fixed rate of 2.39% for two years, with fees of just under fifteen hundred pounds for booking and administration fees upfront. They will give loans for up to 70% of the cost with an upfront 30% deposit.

Another option is the Tracker mortgage, which is a variable rate linked to the movement of a rate such as The Bank of England Base Rate. So if for example the base rate was 4.5%, and the tracker mortgage is set at 2% more, it will be 6.5% pay rate. If the base rate rises or falls, the tracker mortgage will do the same also. The best deal on the mortgage supermarket today is the Skipton Bs tracker mortgage, that has the initial rate of 1.98% for two years. Upfront fees cost just under two thousand pounds, and the maximum loan is for 60%.

So if you're looking for a mortgage on money supermarket, check out moneysupermarket.com/mortgage now for all the advice and choice you need, with the knowledge you can secure the best deal online.

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