Where to find mortgages 95 percent on the market

If you've got a bit of money to spare, then there's literally never been a better time to buy a house than now. Prices are lower than ever, and banks and financial institutions have loosened the purse strings and started to lend again to prospective homeowners trying to get on the property ladder.

It's not all rosy though - most banks have learned their lesson and aren't willing to dish out 100% mortgages like a couple of years ago. However, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to pick up a mortgages 95 percent if you look in the right place, and in this blog we'll be pointing you in the direction of a provider still giving these loans out.

If you're looking for a mortgage with an extremely low deposit, then check out what the Homebuyers Advice Centre can do for you at hacmortgages.co.uk. The Homebuyers Advice Centre specialise in low deposit mortgages. They do this by piecing together small quotes from a number of providers before putting these together to provide you with one big quote that adds up to around 90-95%.

Their usefulness doesn't end there though; they are also willing to offer quotes to people with poor credit history or even County Court Judgements against them. They will offer you a quote online with no obligation within minutes, all you need to do is fill in their short quote application form and they will get back to you with a reasonable quote as soon as possible.

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