We review Mortgages for Dummies

Make no mistake, the financial world is a tricky one to get your head around. Between the confusing terms in use, antiquated descriptions and definitions of things and the constant onslaught of rates, percentages, decimals and anything else you've forgotten about secondary school maths it really can be overwhelming.

That's precisely where this fantastic book, Mortgages for Dummies by Eric Tyson and Ray Brown, comes in. It covers literally everything you've ever wanted to know about mortgages, from the really simple stuff you were too embarrassed to ask anyone about right through to the in-depth and highly detailed stuff that you probably didn't need to know in the first place.

The book is excellently written, offering a much appreciated level of humour to what is undoubtedly a pretty dry topic. Even though you'd expect that 288 pages about mortgages, lending, borrowing, fixed rates and sub-prime might be hard going, the fact of the matter is that it's actually a surprisingly easy read thanks to the flowing, witty writing style of the two authors.

There is, however, one problem; and it's a big one. Despite the fact that this book is freely available at many United Kingdom based book stores, as well as www.amazin.co.uk, there is nothing on either the front or back covers that make it even slightly clear that the books is written entirely for the North American market.

While it explains the theories and concepts behind some of the most common mortgages available, and suggests how to go about finding the best rates, and awful lot of the content is either not relevant to the British market, or very confusing for readers who may know a little bit already.

As a primer of sorts, something to get you into the swing of thinking about these things, then it is well worth recommending. If you're looking for a de facto guide to everything about UK mortgages then you'll have to look elsewhere unfortunately.

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