Compare the best rates for mortgages online

The mortgage market is in a volatile mood at the moment with lenders unsure whether to relax the restrictions or keep tight rules about deposits and interest rates. To keep up with the latest news of mortgages online it helps to check the money comparison sites.

Money Supermarket (www.moneysupermarket.com) offers an instant comparison of the various mortgage deals on offer at any given moment. For a precise comparison between suitable deals, just key in the details of the amount of money you are looking to borrow and the type of mortgage you require.

At present many borrowers are dithering between the safety of a fixed rate mortgage, or for the relative cheapness of a tracker. It's a calculated risk, depending on whether you believe interest rates are going to rise sooner or later.

It can pay to have the latest up to date information. It's worth looking at sites like www.thisismoney.co.uk or the Guardian money pages at www.guardian.co.uk to get some advice on whether to opt for a tracker or fixed rate. There are even some mortgage products on the market that offer a combination of the two.

One of the important pieces of information you can find about mortgages online is the exact amount of money you will be paying out each month. Use the mortgage calculator at www.mortgagecalculator.org.uk to check the costs. Just key in the amount of mortgage, the number of years and the interest rate, and you will be able to see the monthly repayment figure. You can also see how much you would be paying if, for example, rates were to increase by 0.5%.

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