Most ridiculous taxes around the world

If you think that paying duty on fuel and then paying VAT on the duty amount is pretty silly, that’s nothing compared with the taxation that people in the following nations have to endure. Tax laws differ from country to country, and within a nation like America, they differ from state to state.


The tax on hot air balloons that Kansas indulges in sounds pretty silly at first but it’s part of a bigger federal tax issue. In Kansas, establishments who provide entertainment pay taxes on their admission sales but federal laws say that states can’t tax airlines or airport users. The result of these conflicting tax laws is that if you get into a hot air balloon in Kansas and go nowhere, the owner pays tax. If you get into the air, the owner doesn’t.


Football’s governing body have a tax dodge that, although it’s not a ridiculous tax, is worth mentioning here. Did you realise that FIFA and its subsidiaries mandate breaks in income tax and custom duties from the World Cup host nation’s government? During the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa nearly £3 billion of taxes were written off by the South African government as a result of this contractual agreement.

Google tax

The Google tax is France’s way of getting in on the ridiculous tax scene. Most major European nations are indulging in some sort of taxation for the biggest internet firms like Amazon and Facebook, but France seems to be leading the line. They considered but didn’t implement a “culture tax” for phones and tablets made by Google then decided to go after each firm individually. The French government assert that Google owe their nation $1.35 billion in back taxes as the American firm diverts a lot of its revenue to Ireland (where taxes are low). The firm’s Paris office reported $260 million revenue in 2011 but experts came up with a figure of $1.9 billion for the same year.

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