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Have you ever dreamed of buying a new car? If so there has never been a better chance for you to live your dreams because there is a whole host of cars on the market for very reasonable prices meaning the only thing to sort out now is the finance for your purchase.

That is where we come in and in this blog we will give you information on places that supply motor loans in Ireland that we hope you will find useful.

AIB Bank is probably the biggest banking institution in Ireland  and you can apply to them for a motor loan and if you use their website www.aib.ie you can get a very quick quote. You will need to be an active member with them in order for to apply so bear that in mind. If you were looking for a motor loan for example of 10,000 euros over 4 years with AIB you would be looking at 257.20 a month as your repayments meaning the overall amount you would have to repay is 12,345.60. That is a low level loan but there are also higher levels that would cost you more but you would have greater security if you were finding it hard to repay so that is something you can look into. If you think this sounds good ring them today on 1890 724 724 and apply.

Bank of Ireland also might be worth checking out. An example of their loans is for a 20,000 loan over 5 years. They have an interest rate of 9.6% meaning monthly repayments of 417.39 which means the total cost of borrowing is 5,043.40. If you want to check them out call them on 1890 365 100 or apply on line at www.personalbanking.bankofireland.com.

There are other motor loans companies available we only used them as examples so search the market thoroughly because there are motor loans in Ireland waiting for you.



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