How to Buy a Motorbike on a Finance Plan -- Even with Bad Credit

If you want to buy a motorbike on finance, don't let bad credit stop you from getting a loan. There are many companies in the UK prepared to arrange motorbike finance for individuals with bad credit, although you might pay a substantially higher interest rate than people with better credit.

If you can wait to purchase the bike, obtaining motorbike finance without the bad credit problem will be significantly cheaper and easier. But if you need the motorbike now, choose from a variety of lenders willing to work with individuals whose credit could be better.

Crazy Credit

This UK credit company offers a specific "bad credit motorcycle loan". You can apply for a loan and receive immediate notification online at the Crazy Credit website, and the company provides free consultation to help you decide on your options as well as giving you tips on how to ultimately improve your credit score by managing your loan.

Canget Finance

This company offers a decision within 24 hours on a bad credit loan for motorbikes. If you have had judgements, bankruptcies or even had a motorbike repossessed in the past, the company will still consider your circumstances and determine if you can be offered financing.

Bike Finance UK

This company offers motorbike finance to customers with bad credit. Apply online at the bike finance website and receive a loan of up to £25,000 for your motorbike. The company works with multiple lenders to get you the best quote, and does not require a secured loan.

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