Looking for motorbike insurance?

Once a year the time arrives when you need to renew your motorbike insurance.  It is never a happy time but it can be better this year if you can save on your insurance premium and keep some of your hard earned money in your pocket.

Since motorcycles are seen as a risky vehicle to insure then the bigger insurance companies tend to avoid providing cover.  We introduce you to some great value, smaller motorbike insurance providers and give you some tips on how to lower your premium.

30 seems to be the magic number when it comes to motorbike insurance providers and any driver under 30 automatically pays more.  Younger drivers are therefore limited to third-party fire and theft unless money is no object to them.  Another way to reduce your quote is to make sure that you keep your bike locked inside and away from prying eyes.

Bennets offer very competitive rates on bike insurance so make sure to visit their website at www.bennetts.co.uk to get a quote.  Their comprehensive package covers motorcycle theft, loss or damage to your bike, accident recovery and a new motorcycle replacement within 6 months of purchasing it new should anything happen.  They also offer third party fire and theft with more basic cover while also covering you to ride other bikes.

You also can use insurance brokers to compare quotes from a number of insurers so you can see the best quote available to you.  The Bike Insurer is a great place to start and in just a few minutes you will have a list of prices.  Visit www.thebikeinsurer.co.uk to get your list of quotes today.

Another great site to check out is www.gocompare.com/motorbike-insuranceGo Compare offer a bigger comparison than The Bike Insurer so you can compare quotes from more companies.  This comparison takes closer to 5 minutes but be patient as the money you will knock off your bike insurance will make it worth the wait.

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