We look at the policies of motorbike insurance companies in Ireland

If you're a new motorbike rider, you're probably finding it incredibly tough to get decent rates for your insurance. This is because motorbike insurance companies in Ireland tend to offer quite high premiums for inexperienced riders - and of course that's if you can even get them to give you a quote in the first place!

Sometimes it can feel like it's almost impossible to even get these companies to speak to you, but rest assured, it does get easier once you've gotten a little experience under your belt.

If you can manage to find someone to take you on board for your first year as a motorcyclist then, assuming you've got your full license by the time you need to renew your policy, you'll be able to start shopping around for quotes.

The vast majority of motorbike insurance companies in Ireland have their bare minimum requirements as a full license and one year's worth of insurance history without any claims. However, in order to qualify for policies with certain insurance companies, it might be necessary to complete a driving or safety course.

Whether you are asked to partake in such a course really depends on a number of factors. The most important is your age. Although it's unfair to stereotype people based on their age, it is statistically proven that younger riders are more of a risk on the road than older ones. However this is almost certainly skewed by the fact that older riders have had much more time to gain valuable riding experience - something that younger riders cannot do without insurance! Although it's a bit of a catch 22 situation, it's something you're going to have to live with unfortunately.

The next factor will be the make, model and power of the motorcycle you wish to insure. Obviously the more expensive and powerful the bike, the bigger the risk the insurance company is taking by offering you cover, so there is something of a fine line involved on this front. Adding security features to your bike, such as an alarm or high quality chain should help a little but don't expect miracles.

The four motorcycle insurance companies in Ireland are as follows, so follow our advice then give them all a try and see if you can get an improved quote!

Aon Bike Care

Quinn Direct


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