A guide to motorbike insurance comparison

Whether you have a moped, scooter or a high-powered motorbike, using a motorbike insurance comparison service can help you search all the market's top lenders for the best deals specific to your needs. No matter whether your motorbike is related to your business needs or whether you simply like to take it out for a run on a Sunday morning, a comparison website or service can help satisfy your insurance needs.

When looking for motorbike insurance there are lots of little extras you may be interested in beyond insuring your bike, and obviously yourself and your passengers. Most insurance companies offer leathers and helmet cover, European cover and legal cover. A motorbike insurance comparison service is a simple case of filling out a form with your relevant details and letting the company do the rest of the work for you. They will search literally hundreds of insurance companies to find you the best motorbike insurance deals at the lowest prices.

GoCompare, MoneySupermarket and CompareTheMarket are just some of the companies offering an online motorbike insurance comparison service. MoneySupermarket and CompareTheMarket also have special deals available to their customers, which cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, it will benefit you to try a few of the bigger named comparison sites and see if you can get an individual deal.

Private insurance advisers will offer a manual motorbike insurance comparison service. This is where they check the companies and find you a reasonably priced policy. However, you are paying another person to do what you can do on a comparison website yourself.


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