We look for cheap motorbike insurance in Ireland

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Insurance prices have been rising rapidly for a number of years and there is no sign of this trend slowing down. Motorbike insurance in Ireland can be over priced and difficult to obtain for new riders. Most companies will require that you have at least one years' experience or have completed a training programme on safe riding.

There is no shortage of motorbike insurance companies in Ireland. If you are looking for cheap quotes, this could prove to be a problem. One way to find the cheapest possible insurance is to use a comparison website to compare insurance premiums from different companies. This also helps you choose the best policy for you as you can easily compare the different benefits that each policy gives you. We strongly recommend that you check out compareireland.ie for a quote.

Quinn Direct is one of Ireland's biggest insurance companies and are market leaders in providing cheap insurance. Cheap quotes are also available to less experienced and new riders. They have an excellent pay monthly scheme which enables you to spread out your premium over the year. This money is collected from your bank on an agreed date each month. A motorbike insurance policy with Quinn Direct even includes free breakdown cover as standard!

If you want to get a quote from Quinn Direct, you can do so by giving them a call on 1890 89 1890. You can also check out their website at quinn-direct.com. You will receive a further 5% reduction for purchasing your policy online!


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