Companies offering motorbike scooter insurance in Ireland

Thinking about getting on two wheels and hitting the open road on your own motorbike? More and more people in Ireland are beating depressing traffic jams by getting a motorbike - all you need is a decent motorbike scooter insurance Ireland policy to keep you safe. Not a lot of providers currently offer motorbike scooter insurance in Ireland, but we've found one company offering some brilliant deals.

Carole Nash Insurance is one of the largest specialist Motorbike Insurance companies in the UK, and they have opened an Irish operation online at ireland.carolenash.com, bringing their excellent motorbike insurance product across the Irish Sea. So what are they offering?

Anyone taking out a policy from Carole Nash can expect a brilliant insurance experience. You'll get extensive Irish and European breakdown and accident recovery protection, foreign use cover, and up to 100,000 Euro motor legal protection. As a specialist motorbike insurer, they also offer a number of brilliant perks including agreed value for all classic and vintage bikes, guaranteed low insurance rates secured through their power to bulk buy, instant cover by phone, and even the option to pay by instalment.

Getting a quote from Carole Nash simply involves calling them in their Irish call centre at 1800 818 751. They have a team of dedicated bike insurance specialists just waiting to take your call. The best part is, there are no strings attached to their policies. The other main insurer offering bike cover in Ireland is Quinn Direct, and you have to hold another policy with them before they'll insure your bike. Check them out for a brilliant deal on your motorbike insurance today!

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