Discover how to obtain motorbikes insurance in Ireland

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Motorbikes insurance in Ireland is generally rather expensive and it can be difficult for new drivers to even get a quote. Drivers with less than one year's experience might be required to complete training and assessment to a certain standard in a specially designed course to test your skills.

Whether or not you have to do this course depends on factors such as the riders age, license type and the size, value and power of the bike that you wish to insure. The following tips will help you to get the best deal for motorbikes insurance in Ireland:

  1. Speak to as many insurance companies as you can and also use motorbike insurance comparison websites. A mixture of both will give you an idea of what you will have to pay
  2. Make sure the policy covers you for what you need. Some companies will insure your helmet and leathers, while others won't
  3. If your license is restricted, make sure you buy a factory restricted bike
  4. If you are an inexperienced rider, complete a training and assessment course
  5. Ensure your bike has as much security as possible. Anchors, chains, an alarm and ensuring it is parked in a garage will help to keep your costs down
  6. If you are on a learners permit, be sure to apply for and pass your test as soon as possible

You can get a quote for motorbikes insurance in Ireland in a range of different places. Some of the best providers include:

  • quinn-direct.com
  • aonbikecare.ie
  • mrtg.ie

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