What are National savings and investments

National Savings and Investments offers a wide range of financial services, however it is most commonly known for the premium bonds it provides. Unlike building societies and banks who use their customers savings to reinvest, you are lending money to the government who then use this money on public expenditure. They guarantee all your capital, meaning no matter how much you invest your savings are 100-percent secure.

Most banks will only insure £75,000 of a person's savings, meaning if the bank were to go bust any money over this amount would be lost. National Savings and Investments has no limit because all of your money is secure, which is why in a time of economic insecurity this is one of the most viable savings options. The National Savings and Investments offers everything from direct savers and ISAs to premium bonds and index-linked savings certficates. They have a dedicated team of advisers waiting to advise you on how best to invest your money with them.

You can open an National Savings and Investments account online via their user-friendly website. With interest rates starting at 1.75R for a standard account, they are more than rivalling top name banks and building societies. For other services, you can call their helpline and a trained advisor will talk you through your options. National Savings and Investments also has a number of tax-free savings options, which allows a person to make the most from their savings.

Through their premium bonds they offer a staggering £1,000,000 jackpot every month. You can buy the bonds in £1 units and your odds of winning are 25,000 to one for every £1 unit you hold. All prizes are tax-free and take the place of interest rates.

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