Lets get you a great deal on Nationwide buy to let mortgages rates

Looking to secure finance for the purchase of a buy to let property? With rents starting to rebound, and the price of housing still low, there's a pretty big gap in the market for an enterprising individual to exploit! In this blog we're going to try help as we examine Nationwide buy to let mortgages rates, so lets take a look!

Nationwide Building Society are one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the UK, and it's plain to see why as their rates are competitive, and quite flexible! Right now, they are offering two different types of mortgages to people who are looking to buy for renting purposes. Those two mortgages are a Fixed Rate Mortgage and a Tracker Mortgage. Both have their pluses and minuses, so lets check out both.

Nationwide are offering great deals on their Fixed Mortgage rate right now, offering you the chance to lock it in for a period of up to five years at a favourable rate below the current market rate. They currently offer a fixed rate for five years of 3.89%, before it reverts to the standard market rate of 3.99%. This product costs £900, but the savings can be quite substantial!

Their tracker mortgage is slightly more risky, as it changes to reflect the current standard market rate. However, it's also well worth a look as you can snag a three year deal right now where you pay just 2.99% instead of the base rate of 3.99%. All of Nationwide's mortgage products can be checked out at http://www.nationwide.co.uk/.

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