What's on offer from Nationwide mortgages in the UK

Are you checking out various mortgage providers and wondering who offers the best deals? There has never been a bigger selection of mortgage companies out there for you to peruse, but in our view, the best deal is still offered by a company that is well regarded as one of the biggest providers in the UK. In this blog, we check out the kind of deals you can expect to find from Nationwide Mortgages, so lets check them out.

Nationwide are one of the Uk's biggest financial companies, and they offer a huge amount of services to customers. Perhaps the most famous of their products is their Mortgage offering, and you can check out their full range at http://www.nationwide.co.uk/mortgages/default.html. Here you can check out what they are offering in terms of fixed rate mortgages and tracker mortgages. They specialise in mortgages for all types of customers from people remortgaging their homes to people looking to get their first ever mortgage.

Their Fixed Rate Mortgage is particularly good value as they offer 2.89% as an introductory rate. This is then followed by their standard mortgage rate for the rest of the mortgage term, and this is currently fixed at 3.99%. The minimum deposit that can be put down on the mortgage is 30%, and there is a £900 product fee on the mortgage. The good news, if you are a first time buyer, is the fact that this fee will cost you only £400. So, if you are a first time buyer, then The Nationwide is the perfect place for you to check out to grab a mortgage.

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