Thinking of trying Nationwide online banking?

If you’ve never tried internet banking, chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the flexibility it offers. With 24 hour access to your account, you’ll never again have to queue up in a bank branch – and you can even manage your money in your pyjamas!

The Nationwide online banking service allows you to take charge of most types of account, from savings to current, plus your credit card and mortgage.

You can view your statements, listing all the latest transactions, at any time – and working online is also kind to the environment, as you can choose paperless statements and avoid cluttering up your home!

The electronic system means it’s quick and easy to pay bills or transfer money between accounts. You can pay one-off bills or set up and look at regular payments.

Another really useful feature offered by Nationwide online banking is the ability to apply for an overdraft with immediate feedback. You can even use your internet account to transfer the balance from a credit card to your building society credit card.

In addition, the society provides you with a handy little gadget called a Card Reader for extra safety. The device, which works separately from your PC or laptop, protects you by creating random security codes which you will be prompted to input at various stages of your transactions.

This is designed to prevent fraudsters from being able to access your account or set up false money transfers. The card reader does not hold any personal data, but simply reads your debit card to generate the codes.

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