Natwest Bankline for Business and Personal Banking

Natwest Bankline is a top class banking option for personal online accounts as weall as business accounts of all sizes. Transfers and payments are carried out within a quick timeframe and can be done at any time, day or night. Bankline allows a company to carry out all its online banking payments and money transfers in a secure environment.

The One for all Business Solution

Natwest Bankline is the ideal solution to a business in need of easy and reliable banking services. You have the option to view all of your payments and transfers in real time meaning you can maintain more precise control over your finances.

Natwest allows you to have up to 999 separate bank accounts registered to a business. These can be in a standard Sterling form or in a specific currencies if you tend to do a lot of business in a number of countries abroad. If your company holds bank accounts with global partners of Natwest then you will also receive access to Global Liquidity. This is a cash concentration service which aims to optimize your company's international cash management through speedier cash transfers.

Natwest are conscious of your financial security and they go out of their way to ensure your funds and data remain protected at all times. On the frontlines of this defence is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. You also get a Smart Card to be used in conjunction with a smart card reader with all accounts in order to authorise any transactions taking place. You can register for Natwest Bankline through the very easy to use website at www.natwest.com.

Personal Banking Made Easy

Natwest Bankline also offers all these security features to personal online accounts. The personal accounts are protected by Rapport protection software to give you peace of mind over your online transactions. You get 24/7 access to your money online and, just as with the business online option, should any issues arise then Natwest have a support team in place to help you with whatever problem you have.

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