Many benefits to Natwest car insurance with an Advantage Gold account

Natwest car insurance for Advantage Gold customers is a terrific way of getting the cover you need to get on the road. For ordinary customers it's easy to get a competitive quote from Natwest. But when you're an Advantage Gold customer, you can look forward to a 10 per cent discount on your car insurance, and even more if you take out Natwest home insurance.

There are three ways of getting a quote from Natwest for car insurance. The easiest way is to apply online. You can complete the entire process from the comfort of your own home by just logging on to the Natwest website and following the instructions. Or you can give them a call on 0800 051 5055, the lines are open until 6pm on weekdays and 4pm on Saturday.

And you can call into one of their local branches and organise your car insurance, although this is probably the most inconvenient way of arranging it.

There are many other car benefits to being a Natwest Advantage Gold customer. Their breakdown cover means you'll never again be stuck on the side of a road if your car runs into problems.

It doesn't matter where in the UK your car breaks down, roadside assistance is just a phone call away. And if they can't repair your car on the side of the road, they'll bring you to the nearest garage that can.

Natwest car insurance for Advantage Gold customers also offers cover for drivers abroad for less. For just £67 you can add European cover to your policy. Check the Natwest website for full details on this great car insurance offer.


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