Thinking about getting a NatWest credit card?

If you are doing your home work on which credit card offers the lowest rates and best perks, then have you checked out what is on offer from a NatWest credit card? In this article we are going to check out everything you need to know about this fantastic credit card.

So, why choose a NatWest Credit Card?

As one of the UK's most well respected financial institutions, NatWest are a great place from which to pick up a credit card. As you may expect, they offer a wide range of choice and even have a dedicated section on their site for credit cards, which you can find at natwest.com/personal/credit-cards.ashx.

The two main flavours NatWest offer credit cards in are their Platinum Credit Card and their YourPoints World Master Card, and we are going to take a closer look at each of these cards.

YourPoints World Master Card

Some of the perks of this card include one point earned per one pound spent (these points can be used towards flights, holidays and money off at some brilliant brands including M&S, Boots and Amazon). 2,500 bonus YourPoints will also be accrued each year, while purchases and balance transfers will enjoy 0% interest for 13 months.

Platinum Master Card

Of your budget is a little higher, then we suggest checking out NatWest's excellent Platinum Master Card. Some of the perks of this excellent card include 0% balance transfers for 22 months, 0% interest on purchases for six months, as well as all of the perks enjoyed by the YourPoints Master Card.

A very competitive card in a competitive industry

No matter which of the excellent NatWest credit cards you decide to pick you will be getting a great deal thanks to their excellent partnerships with major high street brands, and generous deals on balance transfers. As with other credit cards, set the limit on your NatWest credit card to something you can afford.

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