Everything you need to know about Natwest loans, credit cards and banking

If you're considering changing financial institutions, or are on the look out for some good deals in order to open a second bank account, then you might want to take a look at the current Natwest deals for loans, credit cards and bank accounts.

Whether you're looking for a savings account or a current account, they've got something for everyone. Their Current Plus Account comes with no monthly fees, flexible online and in branch banking options, an iPhone application to help you keep tabs on your finances while on the move, an optional overdraft available pending eligibility, a Visa direct debit card which you can use online and the ability to painlessly set up Direct Debits or standing orders to enable you to pay your bills without leaving the comfort of your home.

For savers, you could take advantage of their e-ISA offer which pays you 2% AER variable, completely tax free. Again, you'll be able to manage this direct from their award winning online system while you can save up to £5,340 each year. There are no penalties for withdrawing your money, should you ever need a little extra at any given time, and the whole set up process is as straightforward as they come.

For credit cards, their Platinum card currently offers 0% on all new balance transfers for a total of 16 months, and 0% on all new purchases for 3 months, with a fee of 16.95% thereafter. In order to qualify you'll need a minimum annual income of at least £10,000 per year, and you must be over 18. Since this is an online only offer, you'll need to visit their website at www.natwest.com to avail.

When it comes to loans, they've got you covered too. With a helpful tool available on their website allowing you to create a rough quote, including the average monthly repayments you can expect for any specified sum of money. Their typical interest rates are 9.9% fixed annually for regular loans, but they also offer deals for graduates, professionals and students, as well as bridging loans to tide you over while you await income owed.

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