Check the rates for a Natwest mortgage

As one of the UK High Street's most established banks, the Natwest (www.natwest.com) remains one of the main mortgage lenders. Pop into your local branch or check online for a Natwest mortgage quote.

If you are confident that mortgage rates aren't going to start soaring for a while yet, Natwest tracker mortgages offer some attractive starting-point interest rates. If you are lucky enough to have 50% of the purchase price as a deposit, you can take advantage of the 2.19% rate for a 2 year tracker.

More realistically, borrowers with a 10% deposit pay 4.89% on a tracker, with an arrangement fee of £999. If your mortgage is relatively small, work out whether this additional fee will make a marked difference to your payments.

As an indication of the expected level of repayments, borrowing £200,000 on a 25 year mortgage at the 4.89% interest rate on a capital and interest repayment scheme would incur a monthly payment of £1,156.

If you prefer the reassuring consistency of a fixed-rate mortgage, Natwest offers a rate of 5.39% for borrowers with a 10% deposit, with no fees to pay for first time buyers. A loan of £200,000 on a 25 year mortgage at this rate on a capital and interest repayment scheme would incur a monthly payment of £1,215.

Fixed-rate deals are offered at more attractive interest rates for buyers who can provide more substantial deposits, and all interest rates are subject to regular fluctuation according to competition and market trends.

For live chat with an advisor about the full range of Natwest mortgage types, including 5 year fixed-rates, go to the website.

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