Keep up with your finances with NatWest online banking

The times when we took our pay-in slips and cheque books down to our local branch are fast disappearing. Although there are still some who resist, they might be persuaded by the NatWest online banking experience.

NatWest (www.natwest.co.uk), part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, group has an easy interface internet banking system, which makes it straightforward for customers to access and control their accounts.

One of the main concerns of those resistant to online banking is the level of security. They should be reassured by the secure systems in operation at the NatWest site. Customers require an entry number, their bank card pin, a password and a memorable image to recognise before they are given access to the account. Additional free Rapport security software is recommended by the bank.

NatWest will also supply, free-of-charge, a card reader that plugs into your USB port and generates password numbers for some transactions like transfers, offering an extra level of security.

Online banking comes into its own when it comes to daily balance checks and quick transfers between accounts. Transactions that used to involve a trip to your branch, or at least a visit to a cashpoint, can now be accomplished with a few quick key-strokes.

The online banking site also offers quick guides to the bank's current offers, for loans and mortgages for example. You can get a mortgage quote, check the monthly repayments, even arrange a live chat with an adviser without leaving your desk.

NatWest customers in Scotland should be aware that their branches will be taken over by Santander (www.santander.co.uk) imminently. If they wish to retain their NatWest online banking accounts, they should enquire with their branch or with the NatWest head office.

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