Need some cash to tide you over?

Quite literally, this is a short term loan usually of up to £1,000 that you take out to cover your expenses until payday when the amount is repaid in full.

There are several companies offering such loans. Nowpayday.co.uk is one such company offering the typical service of a credit check and approval within one minute after which up to £750 may be wired direct to your bank account.

Other companies offering a similar service are paydayuk.co.uk and wonga.com amongst others. All have a similar approach, allowing the client to apply online for the loan, extremely fast approval and following that, a quick deposit into the account named by the person applying for the loan.

This can be incredibly useful if for some reason you find yourself short of cash one month and know that come payday you will be able to repay the loan in full and find yourself back in a more comfortable position. This can be particularly handy at times such as Christmas when the Bank Holidays can mean that there is a longer than usual period between paydays.

Be aware however that you will need to repay this loan in full on your next payday.

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