Need to snag a quick loan in Dublin?

Lots of people have found out to their detriment that getting a quick loan in Dublin can be quite tricky, as the practice of Pay Day Loans has been outlawed in Ireland due to their outrageous interest rates. However, this doesn't mean it isn't possible to get a quick loan in Ireland.

Irish financial institutions are aware of this gap in the market though, so most banks will accommodate your request for a quick answer on your loan application, with AIB particularly renowned for giving customers a quick answer on their loan applications, often giving this answer on the same day.

Personal loans from AIB are perhaps the bank's best product with flexibility the key to their glowing record. You can visit their personal loans page at http://www.aib.ie/personal/loans/Personal-Loan to have a look at what's on offer from the bank. They even include a handy "Loan Calculator" on the site for you to peruse.

Flexibility, as we previously mentioned, is the key to AIB loans, and they are completely fine with you making unscheduled repayments to your loans should your circumstances change. They are also fine with setting up a flexible repayment schedule that varies from month to month depending on your income and circumstances.

There are no set up charges or fees for the early repayment of your loan, and loan terms can vary from one to five years. The loan can be applied for in your local branch, or online at Aib.ie, check them out today!

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