New applicants frustrated with handling of student loans

The problem, of course, is that this is a poor year for such a spike in applications. That's because Student Finance England - the company now charged with handling all student loans nationwide - is having trouble responding to students who are inquiring about their loan status.

In September, the company fielded lots of complaints from students who claimed their student loans hadn't been filled yet. Apparently there have been some issues in the transition, as England is finally going with a single entity to handle all student loans. Those students who have already been engaged in higher education are still having their student loans handled by a local entity. Those students haven't had any trouble, but the larger firm has not been nearly as efficient in getting things done.

According to Student Finance England, the problems have been resolved and all students who applied on time should be receiving their loan money before the deadline. That is certainly good news for anxious students, many of whom wondered if they'd have the funding necessary to get going on their university education. The process should improve as the years pass, so that problems of this nature aren't prevalent in the future. It must, or students might wish that they could go back to local handling of their student loans.

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