Wondering about new business grants in the UK?

Are you looking to get your small business off the ground but could do with a small leg up from the government? There is a small grant system in place in the UK for start up businesses, so keep reading as we check out new business grants in the UK and how to go about getting them from the government.

Once upon a time, the UK Government dished out grants at a fairly free flowing rate. Most small businesses qualified. Unfortunately, the controls are a lot tighter these days at the behest of the European Union and their anti-competition laws. A great site to garner a little more information about the grant system currently in place is the UK Business Grants site at http://www.ukbusinessgrants.org/. This site reveals that the UK Government has set aside a whopping £2 billion for grants this year, meaning there is plenty in the pot for businesses that qualify.

Another site we found massively helpful for a company seeking a Government Grant is the Small Business information site at http://www.smallbusiness.co.uk/channels/small-business-finance/government-grants/. This site will show you what you need to do to qualify for one of the Government's generous grants of up to £100,000, and they also provide a quite lengthy FAQ section to help you answer any outstanding questions that you may have.

Basically, unless your company is a brand new start up, and is doing something that benefits the local community, you are unlikely to qualify for a grant.

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