New fines for swearing

If you’re in Barnsley town centre any time soon you’d better keep it zipped. And if you encounter a bad driver on the road it’d be best to keep your curse words to yourself, with a new council initiative against boisterous behaviour ruling that those who swear in public are liable to pay an £80 fine.

Right now, it applies only to Barnsley Town Centre for the month of June, but if successful the bans could spread. Swearing could be outlawed in football stadia for example, or in notorious traffic blackspots.

Inspector Julie Mitchell, of South Yorkshire Police, said: ‘It is important to note that some people feel upset and intimidated from hearing swearing. Therefore, it has been agreed that those found to be swearing in the town centre will be dealt with appropriately, by either advice or enforcement.’

Freedom of speech, anyone? What are your thoughts?

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