NFU Car Insurance help young drivers save money

It's strange to see an insurance company going all out to help you reduce your insurance premiums, but that's exactly what Warwickshire based NFU Mutual are doing when it comes to car insurance rather than trying to bleed every last penny they can. It's quite an impressive gesture and it shows that not all insurance companies are out there to try and milk you for everything you're worth.

With close to 100 years worth of experience though, it's abundantly clear that this is no publicity stunt for a company boasting more than 300 branches across the United Kingdom, and who recently scored a maximum 5 Star rating from Defaqto, as well as being named as a recommended car insurance provider by Which in January of this year.

When it comes to young drivers, NFU have gone to the trouble of listing a number of helpful tips on their website to ensure that they not only get the best price, but that they safe behind the wheel.

Some of the tips include taking an additional driving course such as Pass Plus in order to prove responsibility and ability to prospective insurers, keeping off the road at night time when most accidents occur, making sure that any passengers in the car are wearing their seatbelt at all times and that you never carry more passengers than is absolutely essential to prevent distraction while driving, not using your mobile phone while on the road, keeping music at a reasonable level while driving so that you are aware of your surroundings at all times and displaying your P plate to let other drivers know that you are an inexperienced driver and to proceed with caution.

Although these are hints we've mentioned many times on here, they are ones that can never be emphasised enough, especially when it comes to younger drivers.

You can check out more information, and apply for an NFU car insurance for young drivers quote online, by visiting the NFU website at www.nfumutual.co.uk today.

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