NHS warn that we are pouring money away on fad diets

Once Christmas is out of the way and we’re a week into the New Year, everyone starts counting the cost of the festive period. Perhaps it’s a lack of money that’s causing the most concern or maybe it’s a New Year’s resolution that you are already having trouble keeping to. For some the biggest problem with the festive season is over eating, but turning to a fad diet in the hope that it will make you slim isn’t the answer.

The NHS has warned that anyone who takes up a new fad diet is just wasting their money. Instead of taking up a quick-loss diet, the NHS is suggesting that you follow their new 12 week weight loss programme.

January is full of new internet pages with detox diets and miraculous ways of losing the pounds but these diets are just trying to cash in on the guilty over-eaters who indulged too much at Christmas. Health experts believe that most of these diets can be dangerous as they’re not based on any scientific or nutritional expertise. The other problem is that they rarely work in the long run.

The NHS plan is a three month one that’s been produced in cooperation with the British Dietetic Association and is based on the latest information on exercising and dieting. “Every year, people pour millions of pounds down the drain to no avail following one fad diet or another,” Susan Jebb, a professor at Oxford University said. She’s currently advising the government on obesity so knows a thing or two about dieting.

“There is no easy way to lose weight, but the NHS Weight Loss guide is full of valuable tips and support to help you put your good intentions into practice. It is free, straightforward and based on the best available evidence of what helps people to succeed in losing weight,” Jebb said.

So if you’re interested in losing the pounds from your body rather than your wallet, you could do a lot worse than having a look at the NHS diet.

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