No class

Over one in seven Britons think they are middle class, a new survey has revealed.

A study conducted by Britain Thinks shows how apirational British society has become, with nearly three-quarters considering themselves as middle class, compared with 27% in the early 1980s and no one saying that they were upper class, showing a break with traditional class barriers.

The think-tank separated those who claimed to be middle class into six focus groups based on social, political and financial issues.

Definied as likeing eBay and yoghurt giants Muller, but disliking John Lewis and Sainsbury's, the ‘Bargain Hunters’ were the largest of the middle class groups and accounted for 24.3%. The 'Daily Mail Disciplinarians' were the second largest group, and they are most likely to live in the north of England and send their kids to private school.

Celebs deemed as middle class included Kate Middleton, Andrew Marr, Lily Allen, Twiggy, Helen Mirren and Daniel Radcliffe.

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