No general strike

The Government can breathe again after Union leaders have said they are ‘not talking about a general strike’ after meeting to discuss a coordinated response to the Government’s spending cuts.

Amid anger at the impact of the cuts on jobs and services, trade union officials met in London.The TUC’s Brendan Barber had previously speculated about the possibility of industrial action, and a day of mass demonstration is planned for March 26.

Brendan Barber said: ‘The Government's agenda is doing huge damage to the economy and vital public services. The TUC is mounting a wide campaign against these mistaken policies.

‘Today's meeting was to consider the appropriate industrial response to the volatile cocktail of issues that face union members across the public sector - the pay freeze, job cuts and attacks on pensions.

‘No-one is talking about a general strike, but of course these attacks on our members could well give rise to industrial action around specific disputes.’

Rallies against the cuts and the increase in tuition fees have been organised in London and Manchester.

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