No will? No way!

More than half of Britons live dangerously by not keeping a will, according to a study drawn up by insurance provider Standard Life.

And this includes a fifth of us over 65 years, who claim that they haven't got around to doing it yet.

So those caring folks at Standard Life are urging folks, for their own good understand, to make the business of drawing up a will top priority so as to avoid prtracted legal battles, extra taxes, and general allround unpleasantness.

Standard Life's Julie Hutchison said: 'The legal fees in untangling estates when someone dies without a will can be higher and the inheritance tax bill could be higher, not to mention the stress for the family and potential delay in distributing assets.

'People spend their lives trying to provide the best they can for loved ones, but it seems they're falling at the final hurdle by not protecting their futures when they're no longer here. After all, dying without a will in place can cause enormous stress on loved ones. But this can be easily avoided by seeking professional advice on estate planning.'

Wise words. Where there's a will there's a way. Don't forget it.

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