Are you trying to find non deposit mortgages?

Getting a mortgage with zero deposit these days is perhaps one of the trickiest tasks in personal finance. Most banks and financial institutions aren't offering anywhere near this level of mortgage anymore thanks to the inherent risks in the market with more and more people slipping into negative equity.

However, this doesn't mean you are barking up the wrong tree if you are seeking non deposit mortgages, there are still a few hardy companies willing to put their neck on the block and offer these risky products. One such company is the Home Buyers Advice Centre, who you can find online at http://www.hacmortgages.co.uk. Despite their name, the HAC don't just offer advice, they also offer some great deals on mortgages, so lets take a look.

The Homebuyers Advice Centre can offer 100% mortgages by working as a mortgage broker on your behalf, collecting various smaller quotes from different mortgage providers and putting them together to build a 100% Mortgage for you. Even if you have been turned down for a mortgage in the past, or have a patchy credit history, they're willing to offer you a quote.

That's not to say they don't also specialise in regular mortgages with a deposit, because they do, and their rates are extremely competitive!

The Homebuyers Advice Centre are even willing to include the Stamp Duty, and some extra finance to enable you to set up your home in the mortgage. So check them out today on their site for a quote and get ready to move into your dream home!

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