Find the best rates on non MBNA credit cards

If you'd like to take out another credit card, perhaps to move your existing credit card debt over to a new account to avail of an introductory interest free period, then you might find this article quite helpful.

It seems tha most credit cards people have these days are either MBNA issued or MBNA backed. This means that if you have run up a high bill on one of your card, you will be unable to transfer the balance over to another MBNA backed or issued card.

While this might sound like an easy job, it certainly isn't. With so many companies now offering their own credit cards such as newcomers to the financial sector like Tesco or Argos, it can be very tricky to figure out exactly who is backing or issuing the card. While it might carry the logo of the retail outlet, you need to remember that that is only aesthetic, and without doing your research there's no way to know off hand if it is a card related to MBNA or not.

The act of transferring the balance of one credit card to another is not entirely uncommon. Since many credit card companies try to bring in new customers by offering them 0% interest for a set time period, often 6 months, on all new accounts and balance transfers, it is possible to move everything you owe on one card over to the other, completely cutting out any potential interest payments for the duration of the interest free period.

If your existing balance is quite high, this could save you a considerable amont of money over the course of six months, and go a long way in helping you to pay off your debt.

Below you'll find a list of non MBNA backed credit cards that should help you make a decision on who to switch to:

Saga PlatinumBarclaycard SimplicityHalifax PlusPost Office PlatinumBOI Ulster Rugby CardClydesdale Bank GoldCo-op Affinity StandardLTSB PlatinumNationwide Credit Card

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