North-South divide

The CBI has warned that parts of Britain are at risk of being left behind due to 'deep rooted' problems that are the cause of long-term unemployment.

Director General of the CBI John Cridland has said that the pre-recession boom years have led to an unhealthy dependency on the public sector, which could have 'grave social and economic consequences' if not addressed.

Cridland said: 'The Government has rightly focused on tackling the structural deficit in the public finances, but needs to apply the same rigour to attacking the structural jobs deficit.

'These problems will not disappear with the economic recovery and left unchecked will have grave social and economic consequences.

'Only private sector growth can create the jobs we need and we must ensure the fruits of recovery are felt in every region. We need to get the UK working and that is going to require fresh thinking and innovative solutions.'

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