Norwich Union Car Insurance: Customer Reviews

Norwich Union car insurance and all other products have now been renamed Aviva, but it still remains one of the UK's leading car insurance providers. Norwich Union car insurance cover provides:

  • 20% off deals when you buy direct from Aviva.
  • Online policy management and excellent online services.
  • Breakdown cover backed by RAC.
  • Prices from £124.
  • Comprehensive guide to all policy and cover levels, plus a large amount of optional benefits to add to your policy.

Although Norwich Union (or Aviva) car insurance is regarded as one of the leading UK products it's not always as straight forward as adverts may make out. Aviva, of course, is going to boast its superior deals and excellent service, but this is nothing more than a sales tactic in most cases. If you really want to find out whether a car insurance company is right for you, check customer reviews.

Customer reviews aren't guaranteed to be completely factual and unbiased but they are at least going to give you a brief picture of the company from the consumer's perspective, not just Aviva boasting about its excellent products. You can use customer reviews to make a decision about the car insurance company - for example, 60 reviews that name Aviva's customer service as poor would indicate that, most of the time, Aviva lacks quality customer service standards which might be desirable from your insurance company.


Price of Car Insurance

Customer's rate the price of Aviva's car insurance as average, sometimes good, but there have been a few concerns about rising prices over small changes in policy.



Aviva isn't available on price comparison websites but customer who have found the company has suggested that the online management of their policies is a fantastic addition to the car insurance policy they have taken out. The online management system from Aviva was highly rated amongst most users.


Customer Service

Unfortunately, this is where Aviva where found to be less impressive. 90% of customer reviews (taken from 7 website review centres) complained about the poor customer service from the company, claiming that advisors were ill-informed about car insurance (or general policies), treated customers unfavourably or they were directed to an Indian call centre who could not deal with their queries satisfactorily.

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